How to crack the CAT exam in 2019

For management admission in India’s top colleges like that of Indian Institute in Management and other prestigious B-schools, one needs to crack The Common Admission Test (CAT).   In recent times, the popularity of the exam has made the competition much tougher. The CAT 2019 is expected to be held in the last week of November and there is enough time for preparing for the same. Proper management of time and a well planned preparation plan can always help you get good results.

Here are few tips for preparing and getting through the CAT exam in 2019

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Get the Right Resources :  You should understand that the CAT exam has a wide syllabus and you should get all the resources for that – books and the required study material for a good preparation. You can look out for the previous year question papers so that you are familiar with the pattern and type of questions that are asked.

Try to get to know the topics that are going to be covered in the exam. You can check out it in CAT Syllabus and list out what is the most important and the least important. Concentrate on the ones you should work harder.Concentrate on the basic concepts first that you should be familiar with for taking the CAT exam. Verbal ability and quantitative aptitude take most of the effort when it comes to fundamentals so try to concentrate on them first.

Managing Time:

As you are aware time is the most important aspect of any competitive exam. In CAT, the sections are all time bound and you need to manage the time as per the difficulty in cracking all the questions in the sections.  As you are aware CAT is an aptitude test, and you need to have a clear clarity and also should learn certain shortcut methods to solve the questions. You need to plan how you are going to solve maximum questions in the minimum time with great accuracy.

Take mock tests:

The best way of preparing for the exam is to start taking mock tests. Try taking more mock tests and also try analyzing your performance. You can also revise the topics again if you think that requires time and then take the mock tests again. Try solving the previous year question papers so that you have a rough idea of what kinds of questions you are able to answer and how much time you need to answer them. This will give you the fair idea of your performance.

Look for different ways to solve the questions;

One of the smart strategies to crack the CAT exam is to find out different methods or ways to answer the questions. Try to learn quicker and shorter ways to crack the questions. Once you have done with the preparation of topics, try to attempt some practice questions and look for ways to crack the questions in different ways than following what is already there.

Keeping your mind focused and having the confidence can make you achieve your goal. A little discipline and self belief that you can achieve and crack the exam effortlessly and with the plan and preparations you will succeed for sure.

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