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IIM-Calcutta ,the institute conducting the CAT 2018 entrance exam,has released the official mock test 2018 on 16th October 2018 and it is available on the official website ( Unlike previous years,this year the CAT mock test for MBA entrance exam is released beofre CAT admit cards , furnishing early access to aspirants. we can figure out the key changes in CAT 2018 Exam Pattern with the analysis of the mock test.

ESSENTIAL CHANGE:The visually impaired candidates will be able to opt for a zoom feature in CAT 2018 mock test,indicating that this feature could be available for the real test too

CAT 2018: Expected Exam Pattern

Based on the CAT 2018 mock test released by the IIM-Calcutta, the final CAT 2018 exam pattern and structure is expected to be on the following lines:

[ultimatetables 1 /]

Fewer number of TITA / Non-MCQs questions :

Very important obeservation from the CAT 2018 Mock Test is the declining trend of TITA or non-MCQ Questions year-after-year; Non-MCQ Questions ,for which we type in the answers, are fewer in numbers in the CAT 2018 mock test as compared to the earlier years. The Non-MCQ questions dont incur penalty for wrong answers.

Falling Number of Non-MCQs in CAT Exam

[ultimatetables 2 /]

Following the trend of CAT 2018 Mock Test , the expected number of non-MCQs in this year’s CAT exam would be in the range of 21 or 22 with section break-up as:

CAT 2018 – Expected Number of Non-MCQs

[ultimatetables 3 /]

So its very important to attempt questions selectively as the negetive marking could ruin the percentile.

The mock test given by IIM culcutta also enlightens the sectional break-up of questions as well as break-up of MCQs and non-MCQs or TITA questions ,an important consideration for the aspirants. Irrespective of mock tests one has attempted, Proper analysis of CAT 2018 official mock test will fecilitate aspirants adopt and attune their preparation strategy in line with real test demands.

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